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Your local Valeo Service Agent


We have fully trained air conditioning technicians and as we are your local Valeo service agents we provide the full range of repair and maintenance services for your air conditioning.


Our Valeo Clim service equipment and qualified air conditioning technicians will ensure that you receive the very best experience and enjoy the results. As gas handling experts you can be sure that our expert technicians will do everything to maintain your vehicle's air conditioning.


As your local Valeo service agent our expert staff can ensure greater efficiency as well as greater comfort in your vehicle whatever the outside temperature is. With our innovative and top of the range services we have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to diagnose and maintain your air conditioning system ensuring time savings and greater productivity.


Whether your vehicle needs air filters, refrigerant oils, condensors, compressors, anti bacterial and anti odour treatments we can do it all. You can trust Hutfields of Botley to not only improve your climate control but also the air quality inside your vehicle.

Brake disc skimming specialists

Our on car brake disc lathe will save you ££££’s compared to disc replacement!
Many drivers experience brake vibration from time to time; a pulsing sensation when the brake pedal is depressed, which can be transferred through the vehicle via the steering, the suspension, or most commonly through the pedal itself. It occurs most frequently at speeds exceeding 50mph and feels both unpleasant and unsafe.

Disc Skimming Specialists

The problem occurs when the brake disc's surface does not rotate truly about its own axis. This "lateral run-out" (the technical term for disc wobble or mis-alignment) is in turn caused by uneven disc wear or excessive heating and cooling of the disc.
Uneven wear is often the result of the disc not sitting perfectly on the hub due to unclean surfaces when the disc was fitted or a tiny amount of distortion in the hub itself. Material the thickness of a human hair (about 0.05mm to 0.15mm) between disc and hub can be enough to cause run-out.

Any unevenness at the centre of the disc is of course amplified at the disc's circumference. If this happens, the disc tends to contact the pads intermittently and after only around 2 - 3,000 miles it wears so unevenly that the driver notices a vibration when pressing the brake pedal 

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