Hutfields Tuning & Mapping  From Cars & Vans to Motor homes Hutfields can help with all your tuning needs. Most modern vehicles are controlled by an ECU (or Engine Control Unit) that is effectively a small computer which is the Brain of the engine. Vehicle manufacturers de-tune the engine by setting the software on the ECU to default before sending the vehicle out. This is so the manufacturers can sell their cars all over the world, this means the software settings on the ECU take into account different climates, laws & restrictions and varying quality of fuels. ECU tuning is basically rewriting of the manufacturers software to optimize efficiency or maximize power output depending on individual requirements. Many will choose to concentrate solely on fuel economy, others may opt for low down torque, top end power may be your thing, with custom maps by Alive the options are endless. Motor homes are a big part of our mapping business, covering many miles fully laden they can feel very sluggish, a stage 1 Re-map will give small MPG gains whilst transforming the driveability completely, you will think you are in a different vehicle. We initially got involved with the Re-mapping world when we had our own Ducato Motorhome Remapped. We could not believe the joy it was to drive, hills where we had to change down to 3rd gear previously we are now still pulling in 5th gear, not to mention saving money in fuel consumption!! Hutfields are an Authorised agent of Alive Tuning. 

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