Seized Injector Removal 

Since devising our method for the removal of seized injectors we have become the first call for many Garages, Main Dealers & Private Drivers alike. 
In 2010 we found ourselves with a customers Vauxhall Vivaro which had been to many Garages including Main Dealers & Diesel Specialists. They had all come to the conclusion the only way to repair the vehicle was to replace the complete engine estimated at around £5000. After some investigation we found many people were suffering the same issue. Thinking this sounded ridiculous we set our Engineers the task of making something that would remove these injectors, which they did, and although slow, it worked very well. Word soon got out & within a couple of months we had these vans queing up for injector removal. 
We now use the Pichler Hydraulic Diesel Injector Puller as a base, but over the years we have added & modified the weak points on Pichlers Kit. Our Engineers have for some vehicles completely remanufactured tooling & attachments which give us far more success. The Pichler System is specialist kit for removing seized common rail injectors in the confined spaces of modern engine bays. This Hydraulic Powered Kit provides the ultimate in pulling force up to a massive 35 tons. We have attachments for most makes & models, if not then we make adapters for our kit. 

Professional Service 

With thousands of successful removals now under our belt we have a wealth of  
experience in the best way to tackle each job on each individual basis. 
Our Professional Service can save you time & money. Many relatively new vehicles fitted with common Rail Fuel Systems are now suffering from seized or frozen diesel injectors, this can be caused by several factors including corrosion, seats blowing by, carbon build up, water ingress, electrolytic reaction between dissimilar metals etc. Some injectors can be seized so solidly to the cylinder head that they are almost impossible to remove without the correct equipment & specialist knowledge. 
As our workshop is now so very busy we unfortunately can no longer offer a call out service for injector removal, although we can help with arranging transport to recover vehicles to us if necessary. 
We are also changing the way we charge for this service from 2017. We have always had set prices for our Injector Removal Service but we feel it will be fairer to all if we charge for time taken on each job, that way if a job is straightforward then you will only pay for the time your job has taken. 
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